Implementation & integration

Boost the reliability and efficiency of your enterprise asset management system with expert Maximo implementation services. Our consultants will help create customized roadmaps for your business, meet your specific requirements with industry-specific accelerators and more.

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Requirement analysis & business process modeling

You walk our expert team of certified IBM consultants through your current business processes, workflow, assets and management methods etc. Collaboratively, we draw up a list of your requirements and goals you may want to achieve. Our team analyzes your requirements to determine the right implementations that can help improve your functioning, and implement asset reliability to the core of your enterprise. By mapping asset journeys, we help streamline the flow of your assets, increase operational efficiency, improve accessibility, time etc.

Solution design

Go from preventive to predictive maintenance with intelligent asset management solutions that trace the entire lifecycle. To cater to the specific needs of your business, we design a customized solution that is specifically suited for your industry, not just enterprise, which optimizes your asset journey at every step as they are tunneled through our implementations. You can choose to migrate and upgrade to Maximo for your enterprise, and adopt our personalized role-based app suite to maximize your Maximo investment.

End-to-end implementation

Our end-to-end implementation for your business ensures you are able to rapidly and methodically adopt EAM best practices into your workflow. Our solutions, which serve as a singular and centralized platform to handle all your enterprise assets, are also flexibly integrated with ERP and any other systems you have. Whether you’re a new or existing Maximo user, we help you implement Maximo better for your enterprise and boost your established Maximo investments with our specialized EAM360 app suite. Our solutions also help meet the specific objectives of many businesses across industries such as pharmaceuticals, utilities, public facilities and more.


Choose from a range of powerful plug-and-play accelerators for your specific industry needs. Whether you belong to the utilities, pharmaceutical, power generation, facilities or any other specialized industry, we have a range of customized and readymade applications that are add-ons with standard Maximo implementations, to swiftly cater to the specific needs of your business.

IBM Maximo mobile implementation

Adopt the power of mobility for your enterprise with IBM’s mobile application for on-field work execution.Get support for everything from implementation to end-to-end query resolution and customizations.


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