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01Meet your objectives for maximising the asset's life cycle value

Implementation & integration

Boost the reliability and efficiency of your enterprise asset management system with expert Maximo implementation services. Our consultants will help create customized roadmaps for your business, meet your specific requirements with industry-specific accelerators and more.

Requirement Analysis & Business Process Modeling
Solution Design
End-to-end Implementation
IBM Maximo Mobile implementation
02Capitalizing on System Advancements

Maximo Upgrades

Upgrade from your existing Maximo versions to Maximo 7.6 or IBM Maximo Application Suite (MAS 8). Our Maximo CoE helps you improve your asset reliability, combat failures and improve productivity.

Upgrade to newer versions of Maximo
Migrate to Maximo Application Suite (MAS 8)
Migrate to Cloud
Testing & Rollout
03Enhance your field decision-making

EAM360 mobile apps for Maximo

Go mobile to improve asset management, boost productivity and bring advanced technology to your enterprise. The EAM360 mobile app helps enterprise users simplify their asset management operations and eliminate paperwork to focus on value-driven tasks.

Native UI’s for easy adoption
Custom role-based applications
Seamless offline-online synchronization
Easy and flexible integration
04Adopt MAS 8 on cloud for your enterprise

Maximo Application Suite

Migrate to Maximo Application Suite to drive greater operational efficiency, to utilize a comprehensive, integrated cloud-based platform for next-gen asset management. Our Maximo consultants will help you migrate and adopt MAS and leverage the power of mobility with IBM Maximo mobile app implementation support.

Maximo Manage
Maximo Visual Inspection
Maximo Predict
Maximo Monitor
IBM Maximo mobile app
05Ready to deploy business process solutions


Automate, control, and streamline critical processes quicker to get up and running

FM Accelerator
HVAC Validation for Pharma
Permit Accelerator
Data Replication Utility
Asset Criticality
Landed Cost
06Improving operations and lowering costs

Maximo managed support

Leveraging tools and the required expertise to handle your organization's daily Maximo operations. Our pool of Maximo consultants offer round the clock support, speedy ticket resolution, analyze your existing systems to reduce downtime and more.

Shared Services Model
Help Desk & System Administration
Failure Analysis
New Deployments
Dedicated 24/7 Support
Integrations with ERP, SAP and other systems
07Achieve Reliability Centered Maintenance with a Maximo add-on

RCM add-on for Maximo

EAM360’s RCM add-on is a powerful module built directly into IBM Maximo to help enterprises achieve optimal asset performance and maintenance. Compatible with both Maximo 7.6.x and MAS 8, this accelerator helps improve your reliability journey seamlessly into your existing environment.

Monitor asset criticality
Trench-level failure reporting
5 Why Analysis
Preventive Maintenance
FMEA centered design
08Handle work permits end-to-end

Permit add-on

With a permit add-on for IBM Maximo, you can assure safety for your teams on the field. You can handle the entire lifecycle of permits, alert your teams about hazards, and more.

Manage templates for permits
Generate permit electronically
Improve risk assessments
Implement a process workflow
Establish and monitor metrics for continuous improvement
09Model and analyze data with dashboards

Power BI add-on

Visualize your asset data to gain in-depth insights into maintenance, costs, asset health, and more with intuitive Power BI dashboards.

Integrate Maximo data with 3rd party data sources
Model and visualize asset data
Enhanced maintenance analysis to improve reliability
Effective monitoring & control of maintenance


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What is an EAM system?


Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) refers to the comprehensive systems, software and mechanisms used to control and manage an enterprise’s operational assets and equipment. A robust EAM system optimizes the entire lifecycle of a business’ assets which helps increase performance and output.

Is EAM the same as CMMS?


They are not the same. CMMS refers to the centralization and automation of the maintenance management of assets, and is an aspect of the larger EAM process which involves tracking and controlling the entire lifecycle of an asset from acquisition and optimizing the journey till disposal.

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