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We ensure quality in terms of performance, security and accuracy of your product— guided by right testing strategies, and tools.

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Analysts, Testers, Quality Engineers and consultants from the Sedin family deliver cutting-edge solutions to category leaders and enterprises, every single day.

Focus on excellence and develop a resilient product with QA Strategists

01Implement a QA strategy tailored to the desired outcomes

QA Consulting

We optimize your QA workflows so that you stay in control throughout software delivery.

Software Quality Strategy
Testing Practices
Testing Infrastructure Setup and Optimization
Workload Planning and Collaboration
Software Development and QA Costs
Implement Testing Tool
QA Audit
02Enhance reliability and user satisfaction

Functional/Manual Testing

We concentrate on validating inputs/outputs to ensure seamless user interactions and ensure your software meets its specifications flawlessly.

End-to-End Testing
Regression Testing
Smoke Testing
Exploratory Testing
Usability Testing
User Acceptance Testing
Sanity Testing
03Speed up your repetitive testing

Automation Testing

Accelerate your software delivery with our automation testing services.

Web Automation
Mobile Automation
API Automation
Stabilize & Revamp Existing Automation
04Focus on reliability and scalability for seamless experience

Performance Testing

We help you uncover potential issues before they impact your users, ensuring a seamless experience for desired peak usage.

Load Testing
Stress Testing
Scalability Testing
Volume Testing
Stability Testing
Capacity Planning
05Secure your app and build trust

Security Testing

A comprehensive evaluation of your software protection and compliance with regulations.

Vulnerability Assessment
Security Penetration Testing
Static Code Analysis
Pre-certification Security Audit
Compliance Testing
06Analyze how well your application integrates and performs

API Testing

We test your APIs to ensure that they work properly for preventing functional defects in the development cycle.

Functional Testing
Automation Testing
Performance Testing
Security Testing
07Ensure Accessibility Across Multiple Platforms

Accessibility Testing

Focus on making sure your software applications are usable and accessible for all users.

Accessibility Testing and Recommendations
Innovative Accessibility Testing Tools and Methods
Document Accessibility
Web Descriptions
Standards Compliance
08Strengthen your contracts, ensure seamless integration

Contract Testing

We help you validate and maintain the integrity of your contracts among your services throughout the development lifecycle.

Contract Definition & Verification
Error Handling Testing
Continuous Integration
Feedback and Reporting


Reduction in costs
Accelerate time to market
Early detection of issues
Quality Test Coverage

50+ global enterprises fuel their growth engines with Sedin experts everyday.

Jose Tamayo
Sedin’s QA team excelled in managing requirements and scope changes. They were flexible, professional, and seamlessly integrated with our team culturally.

Here’s how we elevate your testing experience

Maximize Software Quality with Expert Test Strategy
Our experienced team crafts meticulous test strategies tailored to your project's unique needs, ensuring comprehensive coverage and efficient testing practices from start to finish.
Mitigate Risks with Cutting-Edge Automation Solutions
We create robust design automation framework with a focus on the highest levels of reliability, reusability, and maintainability in order to meet the comprehensive needs of your organization.
Transparent Reporting and Insights
Our transparent reporting helps you track progress, identify areas for improvement, and make informed decisions to drive your project forward.
Highly Skilled Quality Engineers
Our quality engineering team brings diverse skills across QA, automation, continuous testing, DevOps and Agile to cater to the needs of the application engineering world today and tomorrow.
Optimize Quality, Accelerate Delivery, and Mitigate Risks for Your Projects
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