Future-proof and functional eCommerce solutions.

Coderapper builds eCommerce storefronts, applications, and experiences that turn audiences to customers, and customers to brand evangelists.

Trusted by 1000+ global businesses from startups to enterprises

Growth consultants, commerce specialists and designers from the Sedin family deliver digital commerce solutions to category leaders and enterprises every single day.

Elevate your eCommerce experience with an eye on conversions.

01Craft scalable and secure stores.

eCommerce development

Build platform agnostic, scalable, and seamless eCommerce storefronts.

Shopify Plus Development
Magento 2 Development
Headless Commerce
Store Data & ERP Migration
02Create a compelling shopping experience.

User experience design

Design highly immersive customer experiences that educate, inspire, and engage.

UX Audit
Site Performance Audit
User Interface Design
Brand Design
03Optimize & improve your bottomline.

Growth marketing & CRO

Grow sustainable business with a focus on conversions, LTV, and retention.

Search Engine Optimization
Conversion Rate Optimization
Acquisition & Growth
Email Marketing
Marketing Automation
Ad Campaign Management
Loyalty & Retention Strategy


Reduction in time
Reduction in costs
Improvement in product
Increase in innovation

A new paradigm for all things commerce.

We're all-weather eCommerce specialists.
Our consultants are adept at building unified eCommerce experiences, blending design, development, and marketing strategy for maximum conversions.
Explore evolved eCommerce frameworks.
Our services transcend traditional platform-driven solutions for innovative approaches like headless commerce and live commerce.
Convert customers into brand evangelists.
Implement loyalty and retention strategies that bring customers back, improve AOV on every purchase, and increase the lifetime value of your audience.

Digital commerce leaders

CEO, Coderapper
Head of Marketing, Coderapper


What is the difference between e-commerce and digital commerce?


The difference is that while e-commerce refers to the practice of selling both tangible and intangible goods online, digital commerce is a more comprehensive term that refers to implementing processes and technology in online selling to enhance end-to-end customer journey.

Create applications that will give a seamless brand experience for your customers
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