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Datakulture delivers untapped insights and actionable intelligence, at your fingertips.

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Analysts, consultants and experts from the Sedin family deliver business intelligence solutions to category leaders and enterprises every single day.

Drive complete data literacy with reliable data & analytics services.

01Kick-off your self-service BI.

Augmented analytics

Make smarter strategic decisions. Get insights, predictions, and recommendations employing AI, NLP, statistical methods, sentiment analysis, predictive and behavioral analytics.

Predictive Analytics
Risk Analysis
Advanced Business Analytics
Customer Analysis
02Build a unified data platform.

Data preparation

Simplify your data-driven decision making. Collect, clean, and organize data from multiple sources, with a focus on industry standards and data reliability.

Data Ingestion
Data Cleansing
Data Integration
Data Reduction
03Design robust pipelines & models.

Data engineering

Build the right data foundation for your analytics. Migrate from legacy platforms to cloud data warehouses and data lakes like AWS, Azure, Google Cloud, Hadoop, Talend, and Oracle.

Data Transformation
Reformatting & Migration
Data Pipelines & Maintenance
Exploratory Analysis & Modeling
Model Evaluation & Optimization
04Slice and dice your data visually.

Data visualization

Easily interact and interpret your data. Create more than jaw-dropping dashboards and reports. You can set measurable goals, get real-time alerts, and take actions on the go.

Validation & Review
Dashboard Creation
Data Reporting
SQL Code Export


Reduction in time
Reduction in costs
Improvement in product
Increase in innovation

50+ global enterprises fuel their growth engines with Sedin experts everyday.

Raghavendra Bhargav
Sedin’s Tableau team executed a smooth workflow to ensure the project's success. Their flexibility and adaptiveness were notable in the partnership.
Biswajit Rath
We were really impressed with the Sedin Business Intelligence Team’s service orientation and understanding of our business. It is indeed a commendable implementation.

Here’s how we unearth your business insights.

Unearth opportunities across your value chain.
We build customized solutions that fit your business needs like a glove. Get meaningful insights on customers, supply chain, products, operations, pricing, and competitors.
Scale up without falling down the data rabbit hole.
Take charge of your data. Whether you're analyzing data from excel, ERP systems, web, or social media, our solution architects scale up your models.
Empower everyone to make data-driven decisions.
Boost your company’s analytics literacy. With our solutions, decision-makers and analysts can create smart visualizations, with no design or coding skills.
Powerful BI integrations to fuel your analytics growth.
Derive maximum business value. We can embed your analytics with technologies that you already trust like Tableau, PowerBI, Azure, and Qlik.

Data & analytics leaders

Co-founder, Datakulture


Why do businesses need data analytics?


Data analytics helps businesses assess and identify highly beneficial opportunities from their data, which makes the adoption of these services a need for every enterprise. Data analytics can help businesses eliminate risks, make better decisions, improve productivity and innovate better.

Why is data so important to a company?


The data of a company can help a business identify valuable information such as customer behavior, market trends, possible risks etc and help improve various aspects such as security, productivity, decision-making and efficiency.

Improve productivity, security and decision-making with a powerful data culture
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