Maximo Application Suite

Migrate to Maximo Application Suite to drive greater operational efficiency, to utilize a comprehensive, integrated cloud-based platform for next-gen asset management. Our Maximo consultants will help you migrate and adopt MAS and leverage the power of mobility with IBM Maximo mobile app implementation support.

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Maximo Manage

Scale your asset management and reliability journey with an EAM system that offers better planning and control over next-gen assets. Maximo Manage helps track and manage the entire asset lifecycle fully integrated with other applications, helps streamline asset operations and provides insights with built-in BIRT (Business Intelligence and Reporting Tools) for custom reporting.

Maximo Visual Inspection

Harness the power of no-code computer vision and AI to strengthen quality control and inspection processes. With automated visual inspection, you can enforce 24/7 monitoring, increase worker safety and accelerate defect detection with easy, simple-to-build and scalable AI models.

Maximo Predict

Unlock untapped insights from the large volumes of data you collect from your equipment via IoT, sensors and more. With Maximo Predict, proactive failure detection and mitigation becomes much more robust through data-driven insights, health scores from predictive models, intuitive visualizations and more.

Maximo Monitor

Gain an enterprise-wide view of operations that helps asset maintenance and operational teams gain end-to-end visibility. Switch from legacy systems to a hybrid cloud-based model that integrates the views of your IT systems with operational systems. With configurable dashboards, alerts & drill-down, watch once silo-based data provide timely rule-based alerts and enterprise-wide visibility into performance.

IBM Maximo mobile app

Achieve simplified and superior Maximo EAM with the power of mobility. The IBM Maximo mobile app helps boost the productivity of Technicians on field by delivering the right operational data they need, empowering them to work on and update tasks and work accurately with step-by-step guidance.


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