Maximo Upgrades

Upgrade from your existing Maximo versions to Maximo 7.6 or IBM Maximo Application Suite (MAS 8). Our Maximo CoE helps you improve your asset reliability, combat failures and improve productivity.

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Upgrade to newer versions of Maximo

If you’re looking to migrate to a newer version of Maximo, we ensure that you are able to reliably shift to the right version for your requirements. Our services ensure that you are able to seamlessly upgrade your Maximo implementation, and our suite of app implementations are fully compatible with all the existing older and latest versions all the way up to Maximo 7.6 and MAS 8.

Migrate to Maximo Application Suite (MAS 8)

Make a smooth transition to MAS 8, to ensure that you use the latest and more advanced EAM systems for your enterprise. Your capabilities on Maximo gets more powerful with the integrated Maximo application suite that enables intelligent asset management, maintenance and monitoring in a single platform. Whether you simply wish to migrate to MAS 8 or wish to leverage the capabilities of our powerful suite of applications with it, we ensure you have an effortless transition towards scaling your business.

Migrate to Cloud

Leverage the capabilities of cloud for your enterprise. We help you migrate from on-premises environments to Maximo on cloud, where you can choose from a range of cloud service providers such as IBM Cloud, AWS, Microsoft Cloud etc. Make the move to Maximo on cloud easier with our suite of applications that can function with equal efficiency both on premise and on cloud.

Testing & Rollout

Once we are ready to implement EAM solutions for your enterprise, our solutions are first tested in a controlled environment, and validated to ensure that they are able to satisfy the needs of your enterprise. Once validated that they are ready to be implemented enterprise-wide, we execute a staged rollout for your entire business so you can safely and effectively phase in our solution.


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