Data engineering

Build the right data foundation for your analytics. Migrate from legacy platforms to cloud data warehouses and data lakes like AWS, Azure, Google Cloud, Hadoop, Talend, and Oracle.

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Data ingestion

Utilize meaningful and valuable data for your business—the ingestion phase of our data engineering solution identifies, screens and extracts data truly relevant to your end usage requirements from massive amounts of Big Data structures. We combine and unify data that is dispersed across multiple sources, and perform highly efficient and speedy data fetches to suit your dynamic business requirements.

Orchestrated data pipelines

Control the data flow across your organization by channeling it through our robust and orchestrated data pipelines. We handle everything from the versioning and infrastructure scaling to auditing and validation through our custom pipelines to ensure you have data of consistent quality. As your data travels through the pipeline, it is transformed and optimized at every step, making it easier to be analyzed and ready for exploring business insights.

CI/CD for DevOps

Make development to production faster with data engineering— our customized data pipelines perform reliable and frequent transfers of data, ensuring correctness every time you deploy. We facilitate agile teams by enabling reliable fetch and loads, and ensuring stabilized workflow orchestration.

Data storage & ELT / ETL

Migrate to flexible and accessible data systems that will scale with your business and support your long-term needs. We help seamlessly shift to more efficient architecture and infrastructure such as Delta Lakes, Data Lakes, cloud storage, etc.,and our intelligent storage system is adaptive to your retrieval needs and enables you to extract fast and fresh insights. Keep your data ready for ML, visualization and insight extraction activities with a reliable and valuable data warehouse of features.


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