An Healthcare Platform Connecting Patients with Doctors in Real-time




3 Years


  • Testing as a Service

Tech used

  • Xray
  • Jira
  • Appium
  • Docker
  • Jenkins
  • Java
  • AWS
  • Sauce Labs

Empowering Quality and Efficiency for frontrunner in Generative AI

Abridge, renowned for its groundbreaking contributions to healthcare technology, boasts a purpose-built platform designed to streamline medical conversations and documentation processes. With its inception in 2018, Abridge has rapidly emerged as a leader in the industry, securing significant funding and serving a global clientele through its Android and iOS applications.

Supported by a dynamic workforce spread across four agile scrum teams, Abridge continues to redefine healthcare documentation, catering to the needs of over 100 clinics and 10 major clients worldwide.

In a bid to enhance the functionality and performance of their native apps, Abridge embarked on a journey to develop a scalable, resilient, and maintainable test automation framework. With the app's extensive user base and frequent updates, Abridge sought Sedin's expertise to minimize risks associated with regression bugs and glitches while optimizing release times.


What we anticipated along the journey

Abridge's mobile applications undergo frequent updates and releases to accommodate evolving demands and requirements, necessitating a robust approach to mitigate risks such as regression bugs, glitches, or crashes.

The dynamic nature of the healthcare technology landscape underscores the importance of agile methodologies and cutting-edge tools to ensure seamless adaptation and evolution. Recognizing the imperative for stability, maintainability, and scalability, Abridge sought Sedin's expertise to enhance their apps' release time while safeguarding the quality of their native applications across Android and iOS platforms.


We tailored the framework development

Our team embarked on a journey to develop a tailored solution that addressed Abridge's unique requirements and challenges.

  • Proposed the creation of a framework tailored to Abridge's specific requirements, focusing on mobile test automation with Appium.

  • Developed a robust framework for iOS and Android apps, enabling automated test case execution in the delivery pipeline.

  • Integrated seamlessly with Abridge's team through regular reviews, retrospectives, and practical training sessions on the framework.

  • Collaborated closely with the development team to equip them with the necessary resources for maximizing framework utilization.


Empowering the client to make informed decisions for their business

The implementation of our tailored solution yielded significant improvements across various aspects of Abridge's application development and testing processes:

Enhanced User Experience: By leveraging a reliable tech stack including Java, Maven, TestNG, Appium, Allure, and Sauce Labs, we achieved high performance and stability, leading to an enhanced user experience for Abridge's customers.

Streamlined Development and Maintenance: We organized the framework into separate repositories for Android and iOS platforms, streamlining platform-specific development and maintenance tasks and ensuring a smoother process overall.

Improved Testing Efficiency: Our adoption of the Page Objects pattern enhanced test maintainability and streamlined test code organization, resulting in improved testing efficiency and faster updates.

Increased Test Coverage: Utilizing a data-driven testing methodology, we increased test coverage and facilitated the creation of new test scenarios, allowing for more comprehensive testing of Abridge's applications.

Seamless Integration of Experimental Features: We facilitated the seamless integration of experimental features and improvements by adapting to A/B testing situations and accommodating varying screen flow scenarios, ensuring that Abridge could innovate with confidence.

Effective Release Planning: By designing and planning several release milestones at different times during the project, we ensured that Abridge could meet its objectives and deliver high-quality products to its customers.

Overall, these outcomes led to higher-quality products, greater confidence among end clients, and enhanced credibility for Abridge in the market.

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