Quality Optimization, Process Improvement, Cutting Regression Testing Times by 50%




4 Years


  • Testing as a Service

Tech used

  • Xray
  • JMeter
  • Jira
  • Playwright
  • TypeScript
  • Jenkins
  • Docker
  • AWS
  • Sauce Labs

A journey to enhance quality and efficiency

TuneCore, founded in 2006 and headquartered in Brooklyn, New York, is a digital music distribution publishing and licensing service company with offices in 15 different countries. The app is available in 10 different regions with different domains, boasting 80,000 artists enrolled in Accelerator worldwide, 150 employees, and six Scrum Teams following the Spotify model.

Being a prominent digital music distribution, publishing, and licensing service, faced challenges in maintaining platform stability and reliability. With a diverse global presence and a growing user base, they sought Sedin's expertise to optimize their testing processes.

Our experts optimized tests, enhanced stability, and provided recommendations on improving the quality of the product in the future. Our collaboration resulted in improved product quality, streamlined operations, and significant cost savings, reinforcing TuneCore's commitment to excellence. The credibility of TuneCore grew thanks to the increase in quality and optimizations in production launch times.


What we anticipated along the journey

TuneCore needed to enhance the stability and reliability of their platform for end-users but lacked the time and resources to focus on these improvements. They required a QA partner to evaluate their current testing processes and execute functional testing, test automation, and performance testing across various internal projects. The goal was to optimize their platform and reinforce their commitment to clients.


How we created a comprehensive testing and optimization process

Sedin stepped in to assist TuneCore in organizing and optimizing their software testing processes. We applied agile methodologies and integrated them into TuneCore’s Jira and Confluence processes, enhancing collaboration and efficiency.

Our efforts included:

  • We applied agile methodologies and integrated them into the client's Jira and Confluence processes, enhancing collaborative efforts.

  • Our team led the testing efforts for TuneCore's migration from their legacy system to a new system, covering data validation during migration, automated testing script generation, new feature testing, and creating test scenarios and cases.

  • We participated in testing during the development of a web application that handled TuneCore’s Artists dashboard, store distribution, and finance and payments. By integrating into each sprint activity and expanding manual testing coverage, we improved the development and delivery of stories.

  • We developed an end-to-end automation framework using a TypeScript-based Playwright framework, automating scripts and integrating them into the release process via the Jenkins CI pipeline. This streamlined functionalities and optimized overall app performance, including API and performance testing.


Empowering the client to make informed decisions for their business

By intensifying testing efforts and working closely with TuneCore’s team, we increased the quality of their products, leading to greater confidence and satisfaction among end clients. TuneCore's product credibility grew significantly, benefiting from quality improvements and optimized release times.

500+ Test Cases and 100% Test Coverage: Comprehensive test cases for different applications using the Xray Test Management Tool integrated with Jira.

80% E2E UI Automation: Automated 80% of test cases, enabling automatic runs in three different environments and improving regression testing times.

90% API Automation and 100% Code Coverage: Ensured thorough testing and high code quality.

Zero Bugs Reported in PROD by Clients: Achieved a bug-free production environment, enhancing client satisfaction.

Cost Savings: Saved around $1000 per month in regression testing costs.

Additional benefits included:

  • Implemented major releases with effective planning, resulting in low to zero impact.

  • Stakeholders and POs delivered stories on time with appropriate testing coverage, ensuring timely delivery of high-quality products.

  • Migrated legacy data to the new platform, ensuring data integrity and continuity.

  • Improved application usability, making it easier and more intuitive for end-users to generate reports.

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