UiPath Vs Blue Prism: Which RPA tool should you choose?

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UiPath Vs Blue Prism: Which RPA tool should you choose?

We are in a modern era governed by technology, rapidly changing environments and customer needs. Today, every sector is in a cut-throat competition to deliver better services to humankind. The incorporation of tech has not only helped to work easier but has immensely helped in making life better. One such technology used by CIOs are- Robotic Process Automation. 

Let’s understand more about RPA.

What is Robotic Process Automation?

As fondly known as RPA in business circles, robotic process automation is a form of business process automation using which anyone (and everyone) can dictate a set of instructions for a bot to perform any tasks. In RPA process, a mechanical robot isn’t involved. Rather, the robots are ‘Software Robots’ running on a machine or a computerized system. RPA bots are capable of performing many tasks, such as copying the human-machine interactions to carry a huge number of error-free, monotonous tasks at a high speed in a single click. 

In simpler form, they are nothing like Matrix and Terminator. RPA is ultimately about automating many work-place related activities and processes that require human actions in a time-consuming manner. This is where RPA consulting service promises to bring better efficiencies for an organization. 

There are many RPA tools to overpower the barriers of deploying automation in products in the absence of APIs. They allow handling of data in and between multiple applications. Presently, there are dozens of RPA tools used by organizations all over the world for their work. In this blog, we will focus primarily on two tools that dominate the market- UiPath and Blue Prism. 

UiPath Vs BluePrism

UiPath is a true leader in enterprise RPA solutions. According to many top research journals, they have been ranking high on the podium since 2017. They provide all the core capabilities. They are user-friendly for non-developers, can handle complex processes and also provide support for Citrix. They are suitable for organizations of all sizes. 

On the other hand, Blue Prism is the global leader in developing intelligent Robotic Process Automation (RPA) software designed specifically to automate complex operational activities. It can work on any platform and requires the help of a developer to run this tool. It is user-friendly for the developer and can run smoothly with any application. This tool can be used by medium and large organizations. 

Let’s see more comparisons between the two Top RPA Automation Softwares. 

Modern architecture

Blue Prism RPA software uses client-server architecture, where the computer acts as a client and as a server. It empowers users to successfully launch, maintain, and scale their digital workforce. On the other hand, UiPath development service is based on web-based orchestrator architecture. Here, the automated tasks are connected to an integrated workflow set for achieving goals with permission oversight and policy enforcement. 

Ease of usage

UiPath software can be used from mobile and web browsers. Blue Prism can be used through applications designed to perform so. 


There are two types of robotic activities, one that takes place in the front-office and the other takes place at the back-office. Front office consists of customer service, website, and marketing. Back office consists of operations like human resources, inventory management and information technology. UiPath can automate both front office and back office operations, while Blue Prism can automate back office automation. This helps in saving time and money for those front office tasks.


UiPath has an incomparable security standard and certifications that can create many business and compliance risks. Therefore, a user has to put in extra effort and bear the costs to enhance the security features to suit their requirements. However, Blue Prism brings security features for the enterprise level. Their encryption feature ensures data protection and offers easy extra encryptions features for users to addon. 

Visual design

Having a user-friendly visual interface can help eliminate human intervention and complete a plethora of tasks in minutes. In this category, UiPath is an undebated winner. As it has a user-friendly dashboard with simple drag-and-drop functions. Blue Prism’s visual interface is easier to use, but it is nowhere near UiPath. 

Programming skills

To work on UiPath, one doesn’t need any programming language knowledge as it provides RPA functionalities in an understandable manner as compared to any other RPA tools in the market. Blue Prism is slightly different though. It needs a basic understanding of programming language to manage the day-to-day workplace operations. 

Easy scaling

UiPath doesn’t have scalability functionality and needs duplication of the entire application incase of expansion. Blue Prism enables the bots connected to the entire network in the user’s data centre which can be scaled easily whenever the need arises.  

What’s in store for RPA in the future?

According to leading research’s industry analysis report, the size of the Global RPA market was estimated as USD 361.2 Million in 2017 and was projected to grow at a CAGR of 31.8% over the period of 2018-2027. The banking, financial services and insurance(BFSI) segment not only received the highest revenue growth in 2017, but is expected to maintain its top position in the upcoming years. The Pharma and Healthcare section is expected to touch 37.5% CAGR over the predicted period. 

RPA is a cutting-edge technology and has an infinite future ahead. The global economic downturn can be expected to encourage the adoption of RPA in various industries. Automation is going to be a keyword in a new way moving forward. It is an intelligent method of helping organizations reuse code across multiple industries and geographies. The usage of centralization and functionality will help organizations to learn how to standardize bots and imply them across many use cases, business processes, ecosystems in an unified and better way. 

To conclude this blog, both UiPath and Blue Prism are top notch RPA automation tools available for organizations of all sizes in the market currently. It would be injustice to declare a single winner out of these two popular RPA tools. Both of these softwares possess many features to suit changing requirements of organizations. Based on analysis of these functionalities, users can choose wisely which is the best RPA tool for their work process automation.

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