Enhancing Efficiency with an Electrical Wiring Harness Upgrade for Relay Panel Assembly




1 year


  • Engineering design

Tech used

  • PTC Creo
  • AutoCAD

Working Together: From Concept to Creation

Our client, a budding player in the aerospace industry, aimed to establish themselves as a leading manufacturer of amphibious aircraft. They approached us with a clear vision of enhancing their Relay Panel Assembly for reliability and efficiency.

As a trusted electrical engineering firm, we collaborated closely with our client to understand their unique requirements and challenges. This collaboration marked the beginning of a successful partnership aimed at addressing their wiring harness issues and optimizing their Relay Panel Assembly.

The journey began with a deep understanding of the client's unique needs and constraints. Extensive discussions led to a comprehensive assessment of the existing Relay Panel Assembly.


Navigating Complexity: Tackling Relay Panel Challenges

In the world of amphibious aircraft manufacturing, the journey from novice to trailblazer is not just about conquering the skies but also the challenges on the ground. Our client, a recent entrant to the industry, embarked on this journey with a distinct challenge at the forefront - their Relay Panel Assembly.

Their vision was clear - to create a relay panel that's more compact, lightweight, and simplified. This was not just about upgrading a component; it was about enhancing the reliability and efficiency of their electrical wiring harnesses.


Weight Matters: The Pursuit of Efficiency

The comprehensive approach adopted during the project led to the following results:

Needs Assessment: We closely collaborated with the client to understand their unique requirements, constraints, and desired functionality of the relay panel.

Design Innovation: Leveraging cutting-edge aerospace technology, we conceptualized a new, compact design that incorporated lightweight materials and streamlined wiring.

Prototyping and Testing: The new design was materialized through prototypes, and rigorous testing ensured compliance with safety and performance standards.

Manufacturing Optimization: We simplified the design to help ease the level of complexity during production and thus improving manufacturing efficiency and time.


Lighter and Leaner: Reducing Weight for Better Performance

The collaborative effort between our team and the client yielded exceptional results:

Enhanced Performance: The new relay panel maintains the highest standards of safety and performance, ensuring the reliability of the aircraft's electrical systems.

Reduced Production Costs: The streamlined design and manufacturing optimization contributed to cost reductions, enhancing the client's profitability.

Improved Efficiency: A simplified installation process not only saved time but also contributed to more efficient operations, reduced assembly time and complexity. The new relay panel design significantly reduced space requirements, allowing for a more efficient aircraft layout.

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