Software Testing of Mobile Application for Comprehensive Vehicle, Equipment Tracking and Fleet Management.




9 Months


  • Technology consulting

Tech used

  • Jira
  • PostMan
  • Selenium
  • JMeter

Re-architect the inventory management and white labeled CRM platform.

As a major player in the innovative vehicle tracking system for insurers space, the client was constantly expanding its digital platform. Their mobile application infrastructure was required to scale in order to support multiple platforms, and integrate with multiple systems. The client wanted to re architect their inventory management and the white labeled CRM platform. This required comprehensive testing to ensure delivery of a high quality application to the end users.


What we anticipated along the journey.

There was an important development aspect to make the visual part of the application and to simplify its usage. For this purpose, the QA team was required to audit the application usability and offer its UI solutions. 

Some of the major challenges faced by us was:

  • Application analysis and verification of its’ usability

  • Application verification in terms of graphics according to customer guidelines

  • Simultaneous operation of two segments- driver and management portal

  • Performance tests on many Android and iOS devices


Finding solutions with the future in mind.

We suggested a high level quality process assessment to provide a roadmap for software quality improvement. We performed both manual and automated testing on the two segments of the mobile application- driver portal and management portal using Selenium with Ruby. API testing was done on the application using PostMan for creating an effective and connected experience for their customers. We interacted with the client marketing team to understand their market; our QA team imported data from Trello to Jira. This migration will help all of their teams to work better together with the Jira Power-Up and they can easily see who's working on regardless of which tool they prefer to use. 

The client is a vehicle telematics pioneer and industry leader. Being an expert in developing enterprise solutions, systems integration, logistics, customer service and product development, they power the world’s most advanced and innovative vehicle tracking system for insurers, fleet managers and businesses that rely on superior driver and vehicle performance. As one of the first vehicle telematics providers focused on the auto insurance market, the client saw early success in this space providing telematics solutions to several top insurance carriers. They have  broadened their offering to all aspects of telematics and lead the industry in providing the most technologically advanced, intuitive, and reliable vehicle telematics solution available.


How we built an scalable infrastructure that can enhance reliability of the inventory service

As Modus grew, it needed its infrastructure to scale. We helped Modus process and report on millions of trips taken by their customers. With the business spreading to multiple geographies and a rise in demand on the reliability of the inventory service, we added unit tests to the codebase and migrated it from Rails 3 to Rails 4. We helped setup running tests on CircleCI and automated the deployment process with Capistrano. We also setup a build monitor which served as an information radiator. 

The client has chosen us for implementing testing solutions for their ongoing mobile application project. At the stage of design and development, numerous errors in the application logic and interface were identified. A number of changes were proposed to improve the application usability. Performance testing was included as an important factor in the general testing plan which helped us to reveal a number of non-trivial errors. 


Empowering the client to make informed decisions for their business

  • Increased overall test coverage from 23% to 62% in 4 weeks

  • Ensured release of completed redesigned mobile application in scheduled time, without affecting the client business operations

  • Improved accuracy by 33%

  • Using test automation helped for a faster feedback cycle for newly developed features

  • Resolved 200 tickets in 3 days which amused the client to a greater extent

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