Deploy RPA bots to Automate Banking Reconciliation Processes.




11 Months


  • RPA services

Tech used

  • UiPath Automation
  • Excel
  • ERP

Transform manual bank reconciliation process to fully automation

The client needed to automate their banking reconciliation process. Reconciliation is a process of matching banking transactions recorded in the company’s book (in ERP) along with the banker’s statement as on a daily basis. Matched transactions are called “Reconciled Items” and unmatched transactions are called “Unreconciled Items''. The reconciliation is done using RPA BOTS. Using this RPA Financial solution could benefit the banking, financial services and other institutions which perform income analysis by reconciling the bank statements. The finance department was required to use three applications on desktop. The information was structured and the rules and decisions were predetermined.


What we anticipated along the journey

The client's reconciliation process involved handling a large volume of files that needed to be downloaded from the Bank's website and processing in the Core Banking System. Multiple process scenarios, time norms and different file types made the process very complex. Downloading and uploading multiple information and consolidating it manually was leading to errors, inconsistency and data integrity issues. Also, the client’s monthly process for reconciliation of account records, across multiple locations, was time-consuming, and prone to error.  The legacy process involved manual comparison, extraction, and updating.


Finding solutions with the future in mind.

Automating the entire process was cumbersome and this is when RPA services makes things simpler. Using the RPA bots, our team was able to analyze and evaluate a high volume of data in a short period of time. 

We extracted the relevant documents and data including bank data files, and register data files. Then, it performed a quick check to spot any discrepancies. 

Next, data was matched at the transaction level, and any discrepancies were identified. The RPA bot then investigated the reconciling items, and fixed errors. After approval from the client team, the entries were finalized, and updates were closed. Automating the entire reconciliation process introduces a range of advantages like higher accuracy and robustness; better matching of records with fewer exceptions; easy to use & maintain set-up, and time saving. 

This client is part of one of the leading technology, engineering, construction, manufacturing and financial services, billion dollar companies having headquarters in India and their operations presence worldwide. The RPA solution is provided for their accounting unit and the client believes in making the world stronger, empowered and more sustainable. 


Automated statements movement across banking platform with zero error rate

The UiPath robot created a process that includes comparing the periodic bank statements (excel format) in the shared folder against the transactions file downloaded from the ERP using UTRs, Transaction Amounts, Bank charges slabs etc. Once the bot completed the process, it would create another sheet within the same excel and send the same as a report to the concerned team. The said report will consist of the reconciled and unreconciled transactions.


Empowering the client to make informed decisions for their business

  • Degree of robotization: 90% of effort automated

  • ROI: 5 months 

  • Error rate reduced to 0%

  • Manual effort reduction to 85%

  • Faster processing time – reduction of 65%

  • More standardization 

  • High quality improvement to 0% error rate

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