A transformative journey from manual data analysis to highly interactive tool for better reporting.




18 Months


  • Data & analytics

Tech used

  • Microsoft SQL Server
  • Microsoft Power BI Server

Building a highly interactive BI report to make better decisions

The client was using the conventional reporting tools such as SSRS, Jasper for their day-to-day reporting needs. Although the tools were helpful to an extent, the client found it difficult to connect multiple reports to decipher the important facts and get insights about the data and patterns. 

In order to compare the key facts they have to flow across multiple reports for better decision making in their day-to-day operations, for example to understand the current inventory, stocks procured and used across various ongoing projects, access the inventory ageing etc., they have to look into more than 5 conventional reports for analysing data manually, which obviously took time and effort.

This brought the client to look for a highly interactive and efficient BI tool for reporting as well as to see a holistic picture about the facts that turns into useful insights to help them make better decisions for increasing their operations, productivity and reducing the overhead costs across functions. 

The client has already had Microsoft SQL Server Enterprise license with software assurance, so they want to leverage the benefit of using free-to-use and powerful cutting edge BI software tool- ‘Power BI’, which becomes their unanimous choice after doing initial pilot study. The expectation from clients is not only to convert the existing reports to the interactive BI report but also moving forward all of their organization wide future reporting should be developed with Power BI that is easily embedded and accessible from their organization portal. 

Our architects helped in setting up a secure and scalable BI infrastructure which can handle large datasets and cater hundreds of users. We assisted the client by training their technical team in Power BI skills to enable them build the reports based on their future reporting needs. 


What we anticipated along the journey

The data analysis was performed on the large inventory dataset with more than 10 years of data to find the stock ageing, non-moving stock and so on. With a million plus datasets and high concurrent use, it was very challenging to bring the required insights across various dimensions with the limited infrastructure. There were various performance measures taken on the programming as well as on increasing hardware resources which helps performance improvement amid high concurrent usage.


Finding solutions with the future in mind.

Our Sedin architects and engineers worked closely with key stakeholders and end users to understand the requirements and pain points. The required key facts were provided with powerful and appropriate visualizations using both built-in and custom visuals for easy understanding and proper decision making. 

Our team first studied the required data sources, and data requirements for the related dashboards & reports, got the concurrence with the data management team before performing the data scraping and massaging for high quality data modelling and building visualizations provisioned with appropriate slicing and dicing options. The dashboard & reports were architected in a secure and scalable purpose, since the client was providing solutions for defense needs.

This client is part of one of the leading technology, engineering, construction, manufacturing and financial services, billion dollar companies having headquarters India and their operations presence worldwide. The BI solution is provided for their shipbuilding organization unit, which was founded in the year 2007. They built warships, auxiliary vessels/crafts and specialized commercial ships that operate globally. It is recently amalgamated with its parent company.


Reimagined journey from manual data analysis to an interactive platform

Our Sedin BI Architects helped in setting up a secure and scalable BI infrastructure which can handle large datasets and cater hundreds of users. Our skilled engineers were involved in building up the highly interactive BI reports with better user experience by providing very synergistic and useful insights across various functions such as Human Resource management, Supply chain and Inventory Management, Finance and Operations. Sedin assisted the client by training their technical team in Power BI skills to enable them build the reports based on their future reporting needs.

The client has chosen us as their solution partner due to the all-round technical expertise and years of experience in providing business intelligence and analytics solutions to clients all over the globe. Sedin brought immediate expertise in its BI best practices and building the right BI infrastructure platform for managing large datasets which will help the client in getting actionable insights to make informed decisions for their business. 


Empowering the client to make informed decisions for their business

  • Wide visibility on individual and across projects for better utilization of resources that leads to increase in productivity and reducing operating costs with the help of operations and financial related dashboards and reports

  • Optimal efficiency of resources

  • High visibility on stock ageing and non-moving stocks which enabled to optimize the inventory

  • Improvised supply chain due to better picture on vendors efficiency, sustainability and responsiveness

  • Better tracking on vendor payables & overdues

  • Financial data comparison & tracking across years and months could be done in one place

  • Historical finance overheads report helped for better planning and cost optimization

  • Reduction in delay on year-end financial closure activities with the help of all-in-one tracking and status monitoring dashboard

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