Improving Operational Efficiency with a Custom Salesforce Integration




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Tech used

  • Salesforce Sales Cloud

A journey to efficiency using an integrated online event management platform

The client is a dynamic global digital media and events company that has been at the forefront of driving strategic transformation in the field of Human Resources since 2011. With a firm commitment to inspiring, connecting, and empowering HR leaders worldwide, the client company provides a comprehensive platform for accessing the latest news, analysis, and market trends in HR, technology, learning, and recruitment.

Through a diverse community of forward-thinking leaders, the client fosters the reimagination of work, encouraging the optimization, enablement, and unleashing of new ideas and thinking. With a focus on improving the lives of millions of individuals each year, the client is dedicated to navigating the ever-evolving landscape of work, providing invaluable insights, and transforming the world of HR.


What we anticipated along the journey

The client team was facing the following operational challenges:

  • Compromised data integration caused issues in support ticket resolution.

  • A lack of usable reports and dashboards.

  • An accumulation of unstructured data was hindering their business efficiency, decision-making, and user adoption.

They approached our Salesforce solutions specialists to help resolve these issues. They wanted us to build a customized solution for them that is easy to navigate, monitor, and maintain.


How we created a transformational roadmap to maximize their Salesforce investment

Cloud Implementation: The team suggested the implementation of fit-for-purpose solutions on Sales Cloud which could be organized so as to provide better integration between existing solutions and Salesforce.

Customization and Development: Sedin delivered a personalized user experience by enhancing their existing systems using out-of-the-box functionalities that solved the issue of silos in customer data.

Salesforce Enablement: Sedin provided Salesforce customer enablement services, including training, adoption, process optimization, data management, and customization and integration assistance.


Empowering the client to make informed decisions for their business

Sedin's Salesforce implementation brought several benefits for the client:

Deeper Insights into Sales and Order Process: The client gained enhanced visibility into sales processes, pipeline, lead conversions, and more through comprehensive reports and dashboards.

Efficient Project Management and Better Transparency: With streamlined processes and improved collaboration, project management became more efficient, leading to better transparency and accountability, particularly in the resolution of support tickets, thus creating a bank of information for the product teams in terms of feature enhancements.

Optimized Sales Process and Increased Automation: By leveraging Sales Cloud, the client achieved an optimized sales process with increased automation, resulting in improved efficiency and productivity, and resulting in faster prospect-to-sales cycles.

Scalable and Customizable Solution: Sedin developed a scalable and customizable solution that catered to the client's evolving needs, driving overall efficiency and adaptability.

Redesigned Opportunity Management: The client's revenue generation and user engagement were accelerated through a redesigned opportunity management approach, enabling targeted and effective sales efforts.

With improved data integrity and a user adoption increase of 20% post-implementation, the client gained a competitive edge in their industry. By implementing Sales Cloud, the client experienced an 30% improvement in sales efficiency and a 25% increase in pipeline generation.

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