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Use of RPA bots to deliver intelligent automation for their business



Business Requirement: 

The client needed to automate a back office process with a frequency of 10 transactions per month per customer, with an average handling time of 30 minutes per transaction. There were 3 departments involved who were using 5 applications on desktop. The information was structured and the rules and decisions were pre-determined. The process required reengineering the workflow, and exceptions often occurred. 


Our dedicated RPA team built automation processes that could reduce the client account team’s month-end workload doing mundane, repetitive and error prone data collation. We automated these lengthy processes that allowed the client to reduce process errors and drastically decrease processing time, removing significant pressure from accounting teams using our comprehensive RPA financial services. This in turn bought a rise in activities, enabling staff to focus on more strategic and engaging tasks.

The Client:

This client is part of one of the leading technology, engineering, construction, manufacturing and financial services, billion dollar companies having headquarters in India and their operations presence worldwide. The RPA solution is provided for their accounting unit and the client believes in making the world stronger, empowered and more sustainable. 

Challenges Faced:

At the end of every month, the client’s account team needed to close the records for the month to verify and adjust account balances, generate accurate and consistent financial statements, and get ahead of any accounting or bank-related issues.And, it requires accuracy, timeliness, and immense attention to detail. 

Given the month-end financial closing process is a source of stress for the team- long hours, frustrating bottlenecks, and tedious manual reconciliations; it was highly challenging for the client to efficiently handle such an enormous volume of transactions.

Our Approach:

We automated several of the processes identified during the scope study. The automation reduced the manual intensive aspects of the work, while speeding up the processes and reducing the possibilities of errors to almost nil.

We automate the existing manual processes to free up the account team’s time, thus, allowing them to do more value add activities and be able to better support the team’s stakeholders. Plus, they had the freedom to experiment with new processes and not be focussed solely on the end outcome of the process.

Solution Offered:

The UiPath robot created a process that included salary accounting, importing and exporting data between Datev and SAP and checking that the different bookings were the same in both accounting systems. 

Tools and Technologies: UiPath Automation Tool, Excel, SAP

Benefits to the Client:

Sedin’s expertise in Robotic Process Automation services (RPA) has delivered significant gains in productivity and accuracy for the client. Our implementation of RPA delivered the below benefits which could not have been achieved through a simple automation program:


  • Degree of robotization: 75% of effort automated
  • ROI: 5 months 
  • Error rate reduced to 0%
  • Manual effort reduction to 25%
  • Faster processing time – reduction of 65%
  • More standardization 
  • High quality improvement to 0% error rate


About Sedin Technologies:

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