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Best-in-class consultants to manage enterprise-wide RPA efforts using our center-of-excellence framework.

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MIS & monitoring

Sedin RPA support and maintenance services help in creating MIS reports and regulatory monitoring. We can help you collect the data from systems, procedures, hardware, and workforce to evaluate the daily business activities and track the progress after the implementation of policies and regulations.

Upgrades & migration

Leverage our RPA services for smooth data migrations to help your business process become more accurate, fast, and simple. Our upgrade and migration solution easily ingests bots from an RPA tool and creates a digital blueprint to migrate your current digital workforce, thus reducing bot errors and maintenance costs.

Business Continuity Plans (BCP)

Using our pre-built bots, you can put RPA to work right now to solve your common business continuity management needs. From ensuring adequate staffing to managing restocking inventory, our bots can support every effort for enhancing productivity, and accelerating automation.

Disaster recovery solutions

Our RPA consultants create more adaptive business infrastructure to accelerate disaster recovery. Automate at scale, mitigate risk and control remote access to systems and data with our secure RPA solutions acting as go-between.


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