RCM add-on for Maximo

EAM360’s RCM add-on is a powerful module built directly into IBM Maximo to help enterprises achieve optimal asset performance and maintenance. Compatible with both Maximo 7.6.x and MAS 8, this accelerator helps improve your reliability journey seamlessly into your existing environment.

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FMEA centered design

Apply Failure Mode and Effects Analysis (FMEA) to identify and sustain critical assets through optimal maintenance. With FMEA, you identify possible failures on critical assets, the root cause behind each failure, the resulting effects and perform analysis to determine how to predict and proactively prevent these failures from reoccurring.

Monitor asset criticality

Access asset criticality & create an optimal maintenance strategy. Factor in operating context, HSE regulations and more with the tool.

Trench-level failure reporting

View greater insights through Component code level failure reporting. With component specific failure modes, you leverage failure reporting and handle breakdowns at asset level.

5 Why Analysis

The 5 Whys analysis is a problem-solving technique used to identify the root cause of an issue by repeatedly asking "why" until the underlying cause is uncovered. Perform 5 Why Analysis to identify root cause and achieve actionable insights and take appropriate actions.

Preventive Maintenance

Switch to preventive maintenance (PM) to accelerate your asset reliability. Receive recommendations on every work order and refine PMs based on reliability analysis.


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