Permit add-on

With a permit add-on for IBM Maximo, you can assure safety for your teams on the field. You can handle the entire lifecycle of permits, alert your teams about hazards, and more.

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Manage templates for permits

Ensure consistency & uniformity by maintaining templates for common types of permits, such as Cold Work, Hot Work, Confined Space, Height Work, Excavation, etc. Also, maintain isolation or earthing check lists within each template. Customize the checklist for each permit to align with your organization's Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) and Health, Safety, and Environment (HSE) guidelines.

Generate permit electronically

Enabling your field workforce to generate work permits directly from Maximo based on work type saves valuable time. It eliminates the need to manually search for a permit register and write work details on permits. This streamlined process enhances efficiency, ensures accuracy, and boosts productivity.

Improve risk assessments

Provide information on potential hazards and controls to enable your field workforce to conduct thorough and efficient risk assessments. This assists them in identifying the appropriate hazards and necessary controls, as well as updating the health, environmental, and production impacts, as well as likelihoods, to determine the risk rating before and after implementing the controls. This enables them to actively contribute to a safer work environment and achieve improved operational outcomes.

Implement a process workflow

Streamline your permit process by defining and following a workflow involving relevant roles and responsibilities. You can specify the reviewers, approvers, issuers, acceptors, and other stakeholders for each permit type. You can also monitor the status and progress of each permit and ensure that the work is authorized and completed according to protocols.

Establish and monitor metrics for continuous improvement

Digitizing the permit process not only streamlines operations but also provides valuable insights into performance metrics such as MTTR (Mean Time Taken To Repair) from the overall time taken to complete work, non-production time, Wrench time and Time taken to release Asset etc. These insights facilitates continuous improvement efforts and ultimately driving productivity gains.


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