EAM360 mobile apps for Maximo

Go mobile to improve asset management, boost productivity and bring advanced technology to your enterprise. The EAM360 mobile app helps enterprise users simplify their asset management operations and eliminate paperwork to focus on value-driven tasks.

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Native UI’s for easy adoption

We made mobile maximo more powerful through native capabilities. Our suite of applications are simplified and configurable for the use of people across an enterprise, complete with an intuitive native UI for an effortless user experience. Integrate your apps with a range of peripheral devices easily, and use them on the go with both iOS and Android devices. If you are a large enterprise with data volume in the millions, our applications are well-equipped to perform transactions within seconds to support your rapidly changing data and asset ecosystem.

Custom role-based applications

Enables people across your organization to track asset journeys with custom features for each role. Our suite of applications has 3 specialized apps—for technicians, managers, and storekeepers, to help them access and act upon the right asset data they need while still being connected to the bigger picture. From viewing and updating WO’s/ SR’s, accessing location maps, approving PR’s on the go and performing stores activity with ease, each app is built with features that help your team focus upon their individual task while seamlessly integrating the data from every activity in the workflow.

Seamless offline-online synchronization

Your team stays connected with the outside world no matter where they are—our applications function offline with as much efficiency and accuracy as they do online. Technicians and engineers can access and log data directly from the field even in remote locations, and navigate assets and work orders online through accurate offline maps as well. Once connectivity is restored, data is rapidly synchronized without any manual switch or data loss. Through this feature, your enterprise assets are traced back to a trusted single source of truth.

Easy and flexible integration

Stay flexible by integrating our app suite with any third-party applications and platforms you need to enhance your performance. You can opt for integration with our partner Trimble to help your technicians identify assets down to the centimeter. With AR features, built-in support for various integrations with a range of IoT gadgets and multiple other smart devices, we help you tackle asset management through a diverse range of tools and technology.


Configure your apps to the fullest through our customization and authorization capabilities. Besides our role-based suite of applications, we also provide the EAM360 Admin app that helps you perform configurations down to every menu and tab. This helps you improve both the user experience and security at every step, by helping your enterprise users access information from a compact application personalized for their use.


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