Electrical wiring & harness design

Discover the solutions that enable digitization, automation to accelerate the delivery of innovative wiring & harness designs to the market.

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We create complex schematics drawings; convert them to simpler sub-systems for documentation, future testing and troubleshooting requirements using various CAD softwares. Our design team defines unique End IDs and Wire IDs along with other details, which are crucial during the troubleshooting stage.

3D Harness Design

We provide optimum routing solutions to our customer taking into consideration multiple factors such as a safe and efficient passageway, mounting positions and accurate identification of breakout points. Our team is proficient in creating 3D harness routing with consideration of future aspects such as repairability and any upgrades. We deliver custom harness dressing and detailing solutions to meet required IP ratings as per standards & electromagnetic interference protection.

Flattening & Form Board Design

We create flattened harness drawings with to-scale dimensions for production. We help in providing manufacturing drawings including accurate details of keyway positioning, Backshell installation instructions, special manual twisting of wires, precise location of splices and other manufacturing-specific details to our clients. Our highly skilled designers prepare a full-scale view of the existing design data in a form board diagram which helps to create layouts without costly physical prototypes.


We help in digitalization of legacy harnesses built using hand drawn schematics and form boards prior to the introduction of CAD systems. This helps is easy documentation, sharing, and in future upgrades and/or modification. Our engineers can recreate digital replica of schematics, harness routing, Bill of materials and manufacturing documentations of existing physical harnesses by reverse engineering and incorporating the information into CAD platforms.


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