Industrial Automation

Create cost effective and custom designs for machines to ensure optimal technical and business performance in the production line

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Mechanical design and detailing

We provide sustainable automation design solutions that include machine designing, safety, operation, optimization, and maintenance. From custom packaging inspections to process feedback applications, our engineers design, program and customize a vision solution that’s right for you.

Electrical control designs

We have an agile team of designers and engineers that can draw out perfect machine designs and be involved with its journey from planning to production, and optimization to repairs. Sedin Automation engineers are specialized in designing of Conveyors, Mechanisms, Gears, Cam, Spring etc. and they choose the right Material, bearing, belt, pulley and pneumatic systems, electrical drives like Motors (AC/DC), stepper motors, sensors, relays etc.

Design validation services

We design all the machines with international standard to deliver the products in best quality. Our engineering approach for product development can help you in reducing production times, improve build quality, cost-effective design process- and most importantly more innovation and creativity in the product’s design.

PLC & HMI programming

We are offering PLCs to petrochemicals, offshore plants, and building management systems. With its consistent proven scalability, flexibility, and ability, the software offers automation technology that best suits production, manufacturing, processing, engineering, detection, communication, and diagnostic fields.


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