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Are you faced with challenges like

  • High maintenance costs
  • Performance scalability
  • Limited user adoption

We drive organizations through simplified Salesforce implementations.


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Salesforce service offering

Implementation Services

Implementation Services

Support organizations through the implementation process, ensuring a successful and efficient setup of Salesforce. They help with requirements gathering, solution design, configuration, data migration, and user training.

Custom Development

Custom Development

We provide custom development services to extend Salesforce's capabilities and address unique business requirements. This includes building custom applications, workflows, and automation processes using Salesforce development tools such as Apex and Lightning components.

Integration Services

Integration Services

We specialize in integrating Salesforce with other enterprise systems, ensuring seamless data flow and process automation. They help organizations connect Salesforce with systems like ERP, HR, marketing automation, or customer support platforms for enhanced productivity and data consistency.

Data Migration and Management

Data Migration and Management

Assist with data migration from legacy systems to Salesforce, ensuring the accurate and secure transfer of data. They also help organizations establish data management best practices, implement data cleansing strategies, and configure data security controls.

Consulting and Strategy

Consulting and Strategy

We provide strategic consulting services to align Salesforce solutions with organizational goals and industry best practices. They assess business needs, provide guidance on solution architecture, and help define the roadmap for Salesforce adoption and optimization.

Support and Maintenance

Support and Maintenance

Provide ongoing support and maintenance services to ensure the smooth operation of Salesforce instances. They offer technical support, issue resolution, system upgrades, and performance monitoring to keep Salesforce running efficiently.

Training and User Adoption

Training and User Adoption

Comprehensive training programs and user adoption services to drive successful adoption of Salesforce within organizations. This includes user training, change management strategies, and communication plans to increase user engagement and maximize the value of Salesforce investments.

Managed Services

Managed Services

Provide managed services, where they take on the responsibility of managing and maintaining the Salesforce environment on behalf of the organization. This includes administration, platform updates, and ongoing support to offload operational tasks and allow organizations to focus on their core business.

Our Product Expertise 

Be it Sales Cloud, Marketing Cloud, Experience Cloud, FSL, Mobile Publisher, CPQ or NPSP (Nonprofits), our team knows exactly how to harness their capabilities to maximize your ROI.

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We conduct a thorough evaluation of the existing Salesforce implementation, configurations, and processes to identify areas for improvement, optimize workflows, and enhance overall system performance.


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Leveraging Salesforce’s multi-cloud solutions, our certified and experienced consultants have been solving our clients' most complex business problems.

Ruchir Desai
We’ve successfully partnered with Sedin since we onboarded them in Dec 2021. Their Salesforce team is very professional with excellent technical skills and a focus on the outcome.
aroma360 (1)
Sedin Salesforce team has made a huge difference in the productivity and stability of our business. We were quite impressed with their technical prowess, professionalism & outstanding communication.

We've improved Salesforce adoption, resulting in better data quality and business insights for our client

  • 50% cost reduction solution delivery
  • 73% enhanced internal processes
  • System stability up by 82%
  • Boosted integrations between systems

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