Cutting Regression Testing Time by 50% using Automation solution




1 year


  • Testing as a Service

Tech used

  • Selenide
  • RestAssured
  • Java
  • AWS
  • Github

Achieving Excellence with our Scalable Automation Framework

Founded in 2018, Rewaa has rapidly grown to become a leading provider of technical solutions for retailers across the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. With a clear mission to be the integrated technical partner for retailers, Rewaa delivers comprehensive solutions that facilitate seamless business management.

Our automation experts at Sedin developed a scalable, resilient, and maintainable test automation framework that significantly improved the functionality and usability of Rewaa web applications.


What we anticipated along the journey

Rewaa's team needed to strengthen the stability and reliability of their platform for end-users but lacked the time to focus on it. They sought a QA partner to implement automation testing for functional test cases across different modules of the application in both English and Arabic language.


Streamlining Functionalities through Robust Automation Techniques

We developed an end-to-end automation framework by introducing a Java-Based Selenide and RestAssured framework. This allowed us to automate scripts and integrate them into the release process within the AWS pipeline. Consequently, we streamlined functionalities and optimized overall app performance, including API and UI testing.

Our collaboration involved equipping the development team with essential resources to maximize framework utilization. Through transparent communication, knowledge exchange, and continuous assistance, we established a strong partnership focused on achieving the best project results.


Empowering the client to make informed decisions for their business

Our collaboration with Rewaa yielded remarkable results, revolutionizing their testing processes and enhancing overall product quality.

  • We successfully automated over 500 test cases, achieving an impressive 80% coverage in end-to-end UI testing and 90% coverage in API testing.

  • With a commitment to thoroughness, we ensured 100% code coverage, which contributed to zero bugs reported in production by clients.

  • This comprehensive testing approach not only bolstered Rewaa’s reliability but also saved them approximately $2,000 per month in regression testing costs.

Client satisfaction was high, particularly with the quality of our automation test scripts. We proactively identified and fixed new bugs in Rewaa’s environment before they reached clients. Our agile delivery ensured timely script delivery aligned with sprint timelines, facilitating consistent progress.

Implementing dual-language automation scripts optimized Rewaa’s efficiency, reducing time and costs associated with manual testing. This approach accelerated release cycles and improved application performance, enhancing Rewaa’s product credibility and client satisfaction significantly.

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