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Transform Song Lyrics into Visually Captivating Album Covers with AI-Driven Solution

We're dedicated to transforming your music experience through creative and innovative solutions. Introducing our cutting-edge AI solution - Creative Harmonic Imagery Transformation Rendering Assistant (CHITRA).

Chitra revolutionizes album artwork creation by harnessing the power of AI- analyzing song lyrics, extracting keywords, and leveraging advanced algorithms. Using it, artists and musicians can effortlessly generate unique cover artwork that makes them stand out from the crowd with album covers that are as unique as their music.

Chitra Expl ained

Create stunning album covers effortlessly

EPerfect for musicians releasing singles, EPs, or full albums, our platform allows you to design eye-catching covers that resonate with your music's unique vibe. Say goodbye to generic artwork and hello to customised, professional-quality visuals that make your music stand out.

Get a Glimpse of the Future of Music Visuals

Features of Chitra


AI-Driven Design

Chitra utilizes AI technology to interpret song lyrics and generate visually stunning artwork that resonates with your music.


Keyword Extraction

By extracting keywords from song lyrics, Chitra ensures that the generated artwork reflects the themes and emotions conveyed in the music.


Unique Designs

No more generic album covers. With Chitra, get unique artwork tailored to each song, giving your music a distinctive visual identity.


User-Friendly Interface

With Chitra, creating album artwork is as simple as selecting a song, Out intuitive interface makes it easy for artists and musicians to generate captivating cover designs in seconds.

Why Chitra?


Let Chitra unleash your creativity with its unique and visually captivating album artwork designs.


Save time and effort with Chitra's automated design process, allowing you to focus on what you do best - making music.


Customize album covers that reflect your unique style, ensuring a memorable visual for your audience.