What is Salesforce Health Cloud and its benefits?


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What is Salesforce Health Cloud and its benefits?

Healthcare and life sciences organizations are undergoing massive transformation as they are shifting their focus from volume of care to delivering value based care. This ongoing race to deliver value based care is stimulating an increasing use of inter-connected health systems.

As technology pushes healthcare organizations towards information accessibility and connectivity, bridging the data silos gap; data security; care team collaboration still needs to be addressed in the industry. 

It raised an interesting question- “Are healthcare organizations prepared to meet rising patient expectations and make integration as smooth as possible?”

The answer is YES. With Salesforce Cloud, this can happen. Salesforce health cloud provides an unique 360-degree view of the patient. Medical personnels can use a single dashboard to view pertinent information related to patient health, schedules, date of last visit, insurance information, etc.

Healthcare providers can also quickly monitor a patient's medical history and their interactions with other providers such as pharmacists, therapists, dieticians to gain a complete view. These complete patient profiles are available at the fingertip of health professional’s , which means up-to-date patient data is easily accessible from any device. 

What is Salesforce Health Cloud?

Salesforce Health Cloud is a health IT CRM system which provides an insight into doctor-patient relationship and record management. It supports one-on-one relationship management through a patient profile that integrates information from multiple data sources such as electronic medical records (EMRs), wearables, electronic health records (EHRs), medical devices, mobile applications and much more. 

Let us look at how some of the core features of Salesforce CRM for healthcare has been extended:

  • New patient acquisition (customer relationship and data)

  • Physician recruitment and outreach (vendor management)

  • Patient marketing campaigns (customer/prospect marketing campaigns)

  • Patient complaints (customer support)

  • One-on-one patient-physician communication (one-click logging of customer emails)

Benefits of using Salesforce Health Cloud solution for healthcare industry 

There are different ranges of benefits for Payers, Providers and Pharma companies for implementing Salesforce Health Cloud. Some of the benefits of Salesforce CRM for healthcare industry are:

Better outcomes at every care point

Healthcare payers and providers are looking for a solution to empower members and patients by making data more accessible. And, they want a solution that can be configured and implemented within months (not years). Salesforce addresses this need by providing a comprehensive platform that can take care of the challenges faced by healthcare- delivering better member experiences, patient care, improving outcomes and increasing patient loyalty. 

Patient care isn’t a business deal

Healthcare is slowly adapting to the digital changes, like many other industries. From developing applications that streamline physician visits, to tracking patient data, test results, patients expect a seamless health system that can bring on-demand services at their finger tip. 

Health systems are continuously looking for ways to keep their current and future patients and members happy. Using salesforce CRM platform, care teams can get access to all the data they need from a single system, without switching between systems and they can view everything on a total level. 

Quick service delivery

Every patient feels happy when they are attended and treated in a speedy manner. Healthcare institutions and staff are trying to quickly cater to patient’s needs. This helps in saving time. Extra tasks can also be done in the hospital facility. Salesforce Health Cloud allows service delivery to extremely personalized patients. If anyone needs admission, hospital staff can access the record file to check if the person was suffering from any pre-existing diseases, their previous hospitalization details, physician visits, medication details, etc. This single cloud platform makes for speedy and immediate service delivery for healthcare organizations. 

Inventive collaboration is possible

Using cloud computing tech helps physicians to collaborate and treat a patient as a team from a distance. There are many functions designed and amended in such a way for healthcare organizations that makes it possible to achieve this alliance level. Hospitals can now look for and get advantage from highly specialist healthcare experts and they can also offer services to other hospitals without being physically present in the location. 

Using data intelligently

Collecting various data from different devices for better analysis can be a daunting task. Salesforce here comes to the rescue. Using the integrated platform, healthcare providers can get actionable insights about patient needs and meet those demands proactively. Another usefulness is Risk Stratification. By risk stratification, providers can find high-risk patients and enroll them into hospitals for providing the right care at the right time. 

Collecting data from wearable devices and fitness trackers also becomes easier with Salesforce as it helps with post-discharge care for people suffering from chronic health conditions that require 24/7 monitoring. Therefore, altogether Salesforce helps healthcare organizations to make data-driven decisions that contributes to better health outcomes and brings higher patient, provider satisfaction. 

Keeping data secure while continuing care coordination

Data security is the foremost priority of every healthcare organization. A slight breach can result in catastrophic damage to patient safety and jeopardize privacy of patient data, while costing millions of dollars to healthcare organizations (HCOs). Thus, it is necessary for the healthcare organization to be in strict compliance with HIPAA. 

Fortunately, Salesforce makes it easy for healthcare companies to keep control of their data. Using Health Cloud, HCOs can ensure all their health information are protected and can only be accessed by authorized persons. As regulatory guidelines are restrictive by nature, Salesforce platform also allows health companies to add functionality without compromising data security. Some of the solutions like Telehealth, healthcare provider matching, document management, insurance verification can now be added to improve processes securely. 


As evident from the Salesforce Health Cloud use cases, it has revolutionized the healthcare system. It has given a platform to healthcare providers and medical professionals to team up upon and meet the rising patient expectation. It has opened another gateway towards the structure of a sound relationship that has trust and fulfillment in its actual establishment. Salesforce Health Cloud is at the front line of current and advanced medical care.

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