Sedin’s growth journey marks a new milestone — Inauguration of a new branch office in Chennai

Sridevi Ramoo

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Sedin’s growth journey marks a new milestone — Inauguration of a new branch office in Chennai

Sedin’s flag flutters from yet another mast. On 8th February 2023, our Sedinites came together to inaugurate a new branch office at Ashok Nagar, Chennai.

As we grow and expand into a globetrotting organization with more and more dedicated and driven professionals joining us, we decided to welcome our team into an office space that mirrors our own spirits of newness in thought and trade.

As the clock struck 10:30 AM, our troupe of people were ushered into the building, greeted by a flurry of white-and-blue balloons and vivid floral arrangements carefully crafted by some of our artsy Sedinites. 

Many of our key leaders at the helm came together —our Director & CFO Manikandaraman A, founder & CEO Dinesh Kumar, and multiple business heads from across our global divisions exchanged greetings with the teams.

The first level of our office burst into whoops and cheers as the inauguration kicked off with the ribbon cutting ceremony, initiated by Iyappan, our Senior Facility Manager. 

ribbon cutting sedin

Decked up in weaves of flowers, the traditional lamp was lit by senior Sedinites, including our CFO Mani, to spark our growth journey further.

Mani-s lighting the lamp

Team Sedin stepped into the sleek new office that shows off pleasing hues of blue-and-white over its walls and fittings, with an occasional quirky art piece popping off its walls. The building, which can currently seat 40+ people in the first floor, is being rapidly revamped to accommodate more Sedinites on floor two as well.

Our newest interns also added to the excitement by cutting a tastefully-designed cake with Sedin’s logo.

Sedin-s interns cake cutting

Addressing the sea of faces, our founder Dinesh took us on a nostalgic journey of Sedin’s growth. “We started off as just two tech persons who had a goal”, he said, recounting our growth into a company with 500+ associates in multiple offices across the world, catering to a host of global businesses. In his note, he thanked the admin and operations team whose effort and dedication had led to the realization of a modern and savvy working space that truly reflected the refreshing spirit of Sedinites. 

Dinesh-s speech

The event was also marked by riveting speeches from key leaders and associates such as Sridevi, Jagadeesan, Premkumar, Kiran and more, who spoke about how the company has evolved much over the years, and our roadmap to countering the changing technology landscape with more cutting-edge projects and tech work. 


To leave a lasting reminder of the event, the attendees left encouraging messages with their initials on a whiteboard, followed by a well-spread lunch to conclude the ceremony. 

The day saw team Sedin enthusiastically take their spots in the new office, bringing with them big goals and bigger dreams.

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