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Vehicle Tracking System

Telematics Solutions for Efficient Transportation of Personnel and Property

Sedin Technologies lets you transport people and property fast, securely and efficiently, enabling you to get increased ROI from your logistics department. Introducing our telematics solution: a software application that has the hallmark of Sedin solutions: versatile functionalities enveloped in a simple interface. Benefit from our industry wide expertise and reap the benefits of intelligent telematics customized for your business to make transportation management a piece of cake.

Our Suite of Telematics Solutions

Vehicle Tracking Applications

Vehicle Tracking Applications provide you that flawless Uber-like experience for employee cabs, ambulances, trucks and anything that moves. Greater knowledge sharing in real-time to facilitate micro management.

Routing algorithms

Routing algorithms designed to handle dynamic schedules and last minute changes for transportation of personnel and property. An agile feature that lets you adapt smartlyto unpredictable schedules and unexpected challenges.

Smart logistics solutions

Smart logistics solutions for secure, optimized transportation management with integrated demand forecasting, distribution planning and real time event tracking capabilities. GPS and IoT enabled logistics to improve accountability, productivity and efficiency within the organisation.

Benefits of a Telematics System

Be it a manufacturing company or a service provider, the movement of resources is one of the most fundamental requirements of any business. Sometimes it is the human resources moving from one site to another, while at other times it is inventory and property, and a telematics solution actually saves costs in multiple ways!

Saves Insurance Cost

Did you know that companies which install GPS systems on their vehicles get discounts on premiums by insurance providers? A telematics system is a one time investment which actually reduces insurance expenditure every month.

Minimizes operating expenses

Drivers delivering goods can get immediate support in case of vehicle breakdown or accident, thus bolstering support, improving safety and minimizing delays — factors which play a huge role in profitability.

Shares key information in real-time

In the information age, getting access to information in real time has become human nature. So whether it is employees requesting cabs, patients awaiting ambulances, clients expecting delivery, or managers overseeing the movement of vehicles on the road, telematics help organisations communicate better with internal/external clients to aid productivity planning and scheduling. Knowing where things are moving on the map also strengthens clients’ trust.

Improves safety and support

By tracking fuel consumption, unauthorised usage, unnecessary overtime usage, driver behaviour on road, maintenance schedules, fleet managers can significantly reduce operating expenses by taking a proactive approach to transportation management and functioning at peak efficiency.

Why Sedin for Telematics Solutions?

At Sedin, a team of experts with rigorous technical knowledge, profound passion for customer satisfaction and industry wide expertise pour their skills into creating that agile, customized and intelligent telematics system which sets the stage for enhanced productivity and future growth. Contact us today to get a consult.

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