Enterprise Engineering

Engineer future-proof products, from concept to creation.

Sedin Engineering team crafts products with impeccable detail & human-centered design and attention to detail.

Our commitment to excellence powers 1000+ businesses across the globe.

Engineers, designers, and analysts from the Sedin family deliver cutting-edge solutions to category leaders and enterprises, every single day.

Accelerate your time-to-market with integrated engineering solutions.
01Engineering Design
Futuristic CAD design solutions to enhance business value
Get precise digital documentation of all your mechanical product data, compliant with international standard
New Product Development
CAD Modelling & Drafting (2D/3D)
Sheet Metal Design
CAD Conversions & Digitization
Reverse Engineering
CAD Administration & Technical Support
02Plant & Piping Design
Design robust industrial piping systems
Identify risks ahead of time and build resilient piping systems for your plants, with a focus on reliability, safety and efficiency.
Process and Instrumentation (P&IDs) Diagrams
Front End Engineering Design, Process Flow Diagram
3D Plant Modeling
Pipe Stress Analysis
Skid Package Design
Administration & Technical Support
03Industrial Automation
Special Purpose Machine Designs - From Concept to Release
Create cost effective and custom designs for machines to ensure optimal technical and business performance in the production line
Mechanical Engineering
Controls Engineering
General Services
04Product Lifecycle Management (PLM)
Build a single source of truth.
Accelerate your time-to-market with insights across your value chain and innovate with a data-driven approach, from ideas to execution.
PLM Implementation
PLM Customization
Data Migration
PLM Integration
Change Management
ERP Integrations


Reduction in time-to market
Reduction in costs
Improvement in product
Increase in innovation
50+ global enterprises fuel their growth engines with Sedin experts everyday.
Slava Snitser
No matter how busy their engineers are, they always find right resources to help us on time. We were surprised, amazed with the way their engineering team worked.
Yorke Graham
Sedin engineers’ thorough handling of our project gave much needed power to our clients to clearly understand our product. Their ability to scale up and down was impressive.
Larry Garrison
Thanks to Sedin, we've been able to finish our work quicker, increasing our throughput. Their engineering team is very capable — they come up with some good ideas.
Here’s how we bring your vision to life.
Reduce trade-offs with unbiased analysis
Build robust web and mobile applications that solve problems and deliver value in an agile, seamless and data-driven approach.
Improve time-to-market
Agility is the key to innovation. Do design right at first time, balance the material, features and optimize delivery timelines at every stage of your product development.
Build better with a co-innovation partner
Build your COE team with industry champions. We’re business builders and ensure that your team is equipped and qualified to operate your business independently.
Minimize errors & improve compliance
Poor designs cause production issues, faulty products, and safety hazards. Our experts deliver precise assets and drawings that comply with international ASME, ANSI and ISO standards.
Enterprise Engineering Leaders
Associate Consultant - Piping
Engineering Head

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