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“When we do the best we can, we never know what miracle is wrought in our life, or in the life of another.”- Helen Keller

Women are visceral and compounding beings in the ecosystem. Our emotions are an important element to form human minds and have undergone a whirlwind evolution.

In the realm of corporate rationalising and equalising opportunities for women, we are in an all-time high this decade. I might be a bit too quick to pass this judgement but the situation has considerably improved. It is a sorry state that we are even quoting “improvement”, my intent is not to paint a sorry state of affairs for women and throw light on how it is getting better by the day. The top trends in recruitment and corporates in the past decade have shown improved gender diversity over the past few years that it has almost has become a business imperative.

The workforce diversity that we have aimed at, is definitely burgeoned since the investiture of Sedin Technology and now is roughly at 29. 4 %.

Why does Sedin celebrate Women’s day?

Unlike men, women’s responsibilities are compartmentalised and left with the choice to juggle between responsibilities as a daughter, sister, wife, mom where the expectations are very unique that equivalent gender cant masquerades the other’s responsibilities.

Women at Sedin are diverse in ethnicities, cultural backgrounds, locations and work nature because of the business units(tarkalabs, railsfactory, eam360, coderapper). Such observances are the only way that we will be brought together.

The day began with a sumptuous breakfast and dessert indulgence to make sure we had enough energy to withstand the activities for the date. We boarded the bus to a serene beach facing villa in the outskirts of ECR.


A strong woman stands up for herself. A stronger woman stands up for everybody else.

With an increase in the number of crimes against women, self-defence not only helps women to protect themselves from the assailants. It also sort of gives us confidence and helps to realise worth. While men are touted to be the strongest of the sexes, this workshop helped us with quick tips to fight back the assailants or unwarranted approaches. While this doesn’t guarantee safety, it does reduce the risk exponentially in an attack. Instead of cowering with our perceived weakness, it taught us to be strong physically enough to defend in any situation.

On this note, we had a mixed martial arts session by Ms Deepika and her team who are prodigies and stalwarts in the organisations that they were training(kebi.raj). That apart members of Indian Goju Ryu, Budokai Karate training school and MMA Federation of India. The session mainly focused on how to remain undeterred by the strength of the assailants, It was a super interactive and fun with the young women trainers demonstrating the moves and also disguised themselves as the intruders just to ensure that we practised it on them to get the moves right. The word “Kiai” meaning Unifying the total energy of your mind, body and technique (“shin-gi-tai”), in a split-second moment of intense culmination, resonated throughout our session.

Take away: When in trouble, use all the strategies and moves taught.”Kiai” brings some sort of synergies when practised regularly. Martial arts mostly encourages the individuals to scream while performing stunts as a result of which you swallow a lot of air, apparently, this helps the individual convert air into energy.

Good food is a good mood

“One cannot think well, love well, sleep well, if one has not dined well.”- Virginia woolf

What are team gatherings without food? the spread had from a wide variety of barbeques, salads and lip-smacking desserts.

After the hullabaloo at the food counters and gorging yum food most of us became immobile rattlesnakes. 😀

Winter solstices in Chennai

“Age is a matter of feeling not of years”- George W Curtis.

We danced to desi to hip hop tunes in the cold snug costumes in man-made snow place(snowkingdom- VGP)like it was our last chance to be an entrant in the show “So you think you can dance”:-D. All of us went home with memories to cherish to our earthen responsibilities.

The sole purpose of observances is not just to bring people under one roof for a purpose but also to foster relationships. That is one checklist done right for Sedin.

– author : Ramya Raghavan

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