product lifecycle management

Product Lifecycle Management

Accelerate the time to market and reap high returns on your R&D spending

Low time to market of products has always been a fundamental requirement for staying ahead in the competition. New ideas that translate into commercial products with speed are what help organisations make their mark in the market. A Product Lifecycle Management is your best bet for making the process of conceptualisation to production smooth and error free. By recording and organising key product data and sharing it across the board, you can work faster and respond to unexpected changes in a more agile, efficient manner.

Our Offerings

Complete Product Data Management

Complete Product Data Management

Timely sharing of information across product teams is what enables agile decision making. The Data Management feature of our PLM ensures that you only focus on building the next great product while the system captures accurate, contextual data through multiple sources onto a single platform. This not only eliminates redundancy but also accelerates product development while increasing efficiency.

Projects & Bids Management

Projects & Bids Management

Companies invest heavily in R&D of new products as well as in sales and marketing once those products are created. Winning bids for projects depends on companies pitching right products at the right time. Our PLM solutions help organise portfolio data and provide access to Business Intelligence to decision makers, thus allowing organisations make the most of their research investments.

Vendor Management

Vendor Management

The development of a product often involves outsourcing to one or more vendors across geographies. Without a proper vendor management system, inefficiencies can creep in and workflows may be affected because of a lack of accurate information at the right time. The vendor management feature of our PLM solution fosters a culture of innovation and productivity by providing a healthy environment of collaboration amongst various parties.

Risk Management

Risk Management

With regulatory compliance becoming a pain point for most organisations, risks run high if compliance issues are not managed and sorted out effectively. Our PLM solutions ensure that every step of the product building process captures compliance attributes and thus minimise the risk pf product failure.

Benefits of Product Lifecycle Management

A Product Lifecycle Management System is a must-have for building great products and building them fast, as it offers the following benefits:

benefits of product lifecycle management

Reduces time-to-market by accelerating transfer of design data across

Reduces compliance risks and prevents compliance failure related costs

Increases productivity by freeing time up from time consuming activities such as replication and validation of data

Fosters innovation by allowing the best teams to collaborate irrespective of their geographical location

Enhances product quality by facilitating management of micro aspects that contribute to overall quality

Decreases costs through reduced retooling expenses and collaborative designing

Why Sedin for Product Lifecycle Management?

Sedin Technologies is a leading provider of industry wide technology solutions from startups to enterprises. Our experts, with their deep technical knowledge take a client-first approach and apply the latest tools and technologies to solve business problems, achieve goals and improve efficiency along the way.

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