Enterprise Integration services

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Our Offerings

We provide application integration solutions for enterprise application and business application integration. We also work on legacy application integration solutions.

We help you in:
  • Enterprise Application integration
  • Legacy systems & software integration
  • Social Media Integration for marketing strategies
  • Mobile solutions integration to enhance availability
  • 24×7 services monitoring to avoid business disruptions
  • Custom developed solutions integration
  • Web services integration

Our capabilities are in the areas of:

Technology spread
  • TIBCO BW/Staffware
  • IBM Sterling Integrator
  • OEGA
  • Jasper
  • High Charts
  • Fusion Charts
Services offered
  • BPM Consulting & implementation
  • Integration Strategies and Architecture advisory
  • EAI Implementation
  • Upgrade, support and maintenance
  • Social Networking Integration like Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin etc.
  • Product development
  • B2B Integration
  • Customer API developments
  • Integration with ERPs
  • Payment gateway integration like paypal, goodle, checkout etc
  • Google map integrations, Mail-chimp integration
  • Amazon web services integration

Our value proposition

It is quite common that today’s leading IT vendors work with their IT counterparts to understand the business concepts and provide solutions. However this had not been very effective as the business expectations do not get directly transferred to the IT vendor. In order to overcome, we have a robust transition process framed in which the business participates with the IT vendor on a frequent basis and assisted by the Client IT department. We form quality circles with key personnel from IT, Business and SEDIN Technologies to plug in the gaps at every stage of the project or services to ensure that the stated and implied needs of the Business is met

We deliver value to our Clients in a four step process:

We have a robust process to provide services to our clients and monitor the results.

  • Business strategy alignment with IT strategies
  • IT governance for better ROI
  • Quick turnaround cycle to ensure successful delivery
  • Risk mitigation by engaging the user team during the entire project phases
  • Reduce TCO due to quicker turnaround time and user of open source technologies to save costs
  • Our best practices repository helps you to leverage on frequently faced business solutions
Why us?
  • Our consultants come with unique blend of industry and IT experience. We understand you!
  • Extensive experience of the company and consultants helps in Best Practice solutions
  • Our cost and delivery models helps you to reduce TCO
  • Delivery methodologies and process provides you with quality
  • Global delivery model for effective cost optimizations
  • Access to multiple skillsets of IT resources and repository for better delivery

Enterprise Application Integration (EAI)

Customers Expectations

Remaining competitive in the market is the key goals of all the industries. In doing so, the firms today grow by acquisitions and mergers. This is where the whole challenge for today�s businesses lies. The firm that is acquired or merged may not comply with the standards of the firm which acquired it. In addition, the acquired firms may be using different enterprise solutions and not necessarily the same of the parent firm. The challenges faced by the firms which grow by acquisitions, mergers, geographical expansions can be summarized as:

  • Cost of standardization of IT solutions is very high
  • Time for such rollout and changes is quite longer
  • Change management is very difficult

The firms maintain the IT solutions of the acquired firms but integrate them for consolidation and integration of business portfolios. The best option available to integrate two different IT solutions and landscape is through the Integration Solutions readily available in the market. Some of the key product vendors are TIBCO, IBM Sterling Integrator, SAP XI.

Integration Services are our key focus area as we would like to serve our customers with a seamless integration between their systems. We ensure that the user communities do not have to wait for the data transfers and spend countless hours in following up for the data and files from their vendors or partners or acquired firms or their merged entities.