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ECM Implementation for a Leading Apex Finance Institution

Automation Solution

An Unified Automation Solution for Digitizing Departmental Files and Administrative Workflows to Reduce Mundane Tasks

Business Requirement:  

The client was spending a lot of time and effort on paper for their day-to-day activities such as file and case management, inspection, managing meetings and inward and outward of letters etc.  They wanted a competent solution in the market to resolve their daily manual activity issues.

About the Client:

The client is a leading Apex financing agency providing economic & development activities across PAN India in Agriculture and Rural Development sector. They are a Government customer with 30+ regional offices across PAN India & Head Office at a central location.

Challenges Faced:

To cope up with a fast paced working environment, the client faced a lot of challenges in their regular work such as:

  • Limited workforce to work on files and cases
  • Identifying historical files/cases and their status from the previous years
  • Moving low priority case to senior management for approval
  • Maintaining case confidentiality
  • Issues during weekends to progress the case 
  • Standardization between Region office to head office as templates and formats are not defined and works in silos
  • Numerous challenges within divisions and departments on case progress
  • Multiple process and workflows of a lot of cases/files

Solution Offered:

We provided an end-to-end automation Enterprise Content Management solution for the client. Being a single platform solution, it was divided into two components:

  • Office Automation: It included all the Office file & case creation, process/workflow management, inspection management, managing committee meetings, inward and outward of letters etc.
  • Office Digitization: Moving historical data or physical papers into systems

Our office automation solution was a workflow and process-based system. It had the following elements:

  • Linear, user-defined, predefined workflow processes for better and easy case management.
  • Committee workflow for Manage the committee.
  • Inspection workflow for the audit department
  • Department movement and office movement processes for one office to other offices

Our office digitization had the following elements to help the client simplify their workflow process:

  • Digitization of 50 Lakhs historical pages & data
  • Maker and check provision to ensure 100% quality & accurate output
  • Summary and detailed reports to check the status 

Solution Features:

The beauty of our automation system solution was its ability to tie diverse features together so they can perform as one unified system. Here are some of the key features that made the job easier and interaction with the system more enjoyable: 

  • 24x7x365 Availability
  • Secure Central Document Repository to access within customer premises
  • Non-tamper Digital signature on their Note sheet and temper proof audit capability 
  • Measure Content & Processes on the dashboard, case/file status and employee spent time on case etc.
  • Various templates are available for note and case creation. presented at the department level, regional level and central level. 
  • Role-based access control
  • Multilingual capability 
  • Powerful search engine to access present and historical case/file information. 
  • Send remainders, Notifications at various (department, regional office, and overall organization) levels to get the work done on time & ensure alignment to organizational changes. 

Benefits to the Client:

Our expertise in enterprise content management system helped us to deliver the following benefits which would not have been easily achieved in the market:

  • Eliminate the manipulation of paper documents. 
  • Utilize employee time better
  • Define business processes and make better projections
  • Allow new business opportunities
  • Save costs 
  • Easily manage decentralized teams in different time zones

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