Corporate Social Responsibility

Our policies on corporate social responsibility can be summarized as:

  • Conservation of the nature
  • Production of ecological sound products and support for ecological goodwill
  • Use of resources in moderation
  • Avoidance of wastes

Our corporate culture applies in all the activities, appropriate procedures to protect the environment in the best and most sustainable way. The progress achieved attests to this. Examples of some of our contributions are:

  • We not only support the environmental conservation but also innovate products to support this. Our product AGILEGREEN aims in providing innovative solutions for the certifications of green buildings across the world. As a pilot project we have launched our product in India due to high demands. The product helps not only in certification but also helps in controlling the go-green indexes to monitor the effectiveness of adherence to the go-green initiatives.
  • Our teams get involved activities social services in helping and educating people on various hygienic approaches to life.