End-to-end integration of Salesforce and 3rd party app for smooth data flow.




8 Months


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Tech used

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Integrated online event management platform process for rapid growth

Unleash is an event management company focused on conducting online webinars and events. They use various platforms called BigMarker, Bizzabo for conducting the online events. They launch campaigns for many of their clients and for campaigns they use a system called ActiveCampaign. BigMarker, Bizzabo platforms are directly connected to Salesforce. 

However, ActiveCampaign is connected through a 3rd party provider called “Zapier”. 

This is the flow of the connection– “ActiveCampaign->Zapier->Salesforce”. While using ActiveCampaign platform, the Unleash’s internal team faced a lot of connectivity issues. There was a time lag in delivering services related to online event organization and management. 

Our Salesforce team overviewed the entire scenario and found out a way that reduced the number of tasks that were currently being utilized in the work process, which enabled the client internal team to reduce their plan pricing. The redundant data flow was reduced.


What we anticipated along the journey

  • Compromised data integrity linked to support issues

  • Lack of useable reports and dashboards

  • No proper integration between external systems and Salesforce

  • Poor user adoption

  • Best practices were not followed in relation to testing, data management, user management, etc. Too many unstructured data, test data, unused custom objects, fields, reports and dashboards in production

  • Limited Salesforce platform knowledge and visibility into Salesforce structure and integrations


How we created a transformational roadmap to maximize their Salesforce investment

We created a team of Salesforce experts to understand the requirement specifications of the client during the discovery stage. Based on the specifications, we devised a strategy that allowed us to implement Salesforce solutions to the current challenges our client was facing. 

  • Reviewed existing integrations between systems and established new integrations for seamless data synchronization

  • 50% cost reduction on reducing the number of tasks in Zapier on monthly basis

  • Performed fit-gap analysis, data mismatch, provided data dictionary for key objects and fixed data duplication.

  • Cleaned up unstructured, duplicate data and archived historical data. Established GDPR compliant data tracking

  • Established proper user hierarchy, permissions and enabled OOB features for betterment of Sales and Marketing process.

  • Provided process documentation and appropriate training to improve Salesforce Platform knowledge


Empowering the client to make informed decisions for their business

We delivered a quality CRM implementation, 100% on time and on budget:

  • Cost effective plan

  • Improved Data quality 

  • Better system stability 

  • Enhanced integrations between systems

  • Improved internal processes

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