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RailsFactory  Star Employees Blog Series

Last time, you got to know Palpandi – our Ruby on Rails whiz. Today, we bring you some candid insights from Arrvind – our testing guru. He is not just an expert in testing but is also a master of disguises! We spoke at length with him on his journey with RailsFactory, challenges along the way, and learnings. Read on.

1. Arrvind, first of all, what’s your full name?

Arrvind Balasubramanian.

2. What’s your background and which year did you graduate?

After finishing my B.Sc. in Computer Science, followed by MCA in 2008, I began my career with mainframe testing.

3. So your first pitstop was mainframe testing?

Not exactly. I was doing a course on mainframes, which gradually led to mainframe testing. I liked it thoroughly and started searching for jobs in the same field. In fact, RailsFactory was the first company to call me for an interview.

4. That’s great, so RailsFactory was your first paid job? How did you found out about it?

Yes, RailsFactory was indeed my first paid job.

Wow! It was a long time ago. I was in the process of finishing a course with one company. Other companies were calling for referral and RailsFactory was one of them. I aced their interviews, and here I am!

5. And what’s your current designation?

I’m an Associate Manager – Quality Specialist.

6. Testing?

No. It’s not like this here. Everyone does everything. There are no set boundaries.

7. Wow, this is nice about RailsFactory.

Yes. Even if someone has 10+ years of experience, they still code, test, develop. Such is the environment of equality here.

8. I can sense from your tone that you are passionate about testing. Do you wish to develop an expertise in this?

I started with testing here in RailsFactory. Happy with my performance, my managers began assigning me a lot of testing projects, and I started taking on more of role-oriented activities. While working on multiple projects, I started enjoying it, and that’s when I discovered that testing is my passion. So, you can say that it’s RailsFactory, which set me on this path.

9. So, the more projects you work, the more knowledge you will gain. Tell us about the diversity of your projects?

My first project was for an Australian dating website, and I was a bit skeptical at first. But it turned out to be interesting. An important aspect of my job is to test what a user expects from the site. Based on this, I give recommendations to the client. It shouldn’t be just the features, but the entire user experience. E.g., if it’s a text field, what value to add. The Australian dating site had something called a ‘squits’ concept. Imagine me sitting in a public place. When I log in to the site, it’ll tell me the number of users of the opposite gender that are close to me at then.

The point is, whatever I learned in the course helped me tremendously on the project.

And, to tell you a funny thing – I never dated anyone before I got this project and after working on it, I wanted to date! (laughs)

10. How many projects have you handled to date?

Over 20. I’ve worked on multiple projects simultaneously. My most prestigious project was that of AMP Technologies, supported by Sabeer Bhatia of the Hotmail fame. Our team worked at the client site; I also had the opportunity of a photo-op with him and other clients such as Neel Naicker, the ex-Marketing Head of Best Buy.


All Rounder Award with Neel Naicker

Team Pic With Sabeer Bhatia

Team Pic With Sabeer Bhatia

11. Any other prestigious projects?

Modus was another project. I worked at the client site in the US and had a great experience. You can think of it as the Uber, supporting the insurance industry, particularly in the wireless and vehicle telematics space. It was a dream come true for me. I developed such a close rapport with the client that one of the recruiters in the company thought I was an employee there. In fact, I have got a good professional relationship with most of my clients.

Right now, I’m working with an Australian client Harold on their project called GilAuto which is basically about tracking car servicing in garages. This client is also happy with my work. He even gave me a testimonial.

12. It is simply great. I have also noticed another trait about you. You are an independent professional, requiring minimal supervision. Am I right?

Yes, you’re right. I don’t want to depend on someone to give me a task; that’s not me. I take up a project and then assign responsibilities. Right now, I’m handling four projects, all in different time zones – New Zealand, Australia, India …I do the requirement analysis and work accordingly.

13. You’ve been here for eight years now. What is it about RailsFactory that you like?

I’d say a friendly atmosphere. People here really make you feel comfortable. There is no hierarchy. I never felt the need to switch jobs. RailsFactory is like a home to me.

14. What are your fond memories of this place?

There isn’t one! I cherish my getups for various company celebrations, festivals, and events. I try to do a different look each time, and people here really encourage it. I also have fond memories of going on team outings with my colleagues.

15. So, would you happen to have any snaps of these ‘looks’? We can make a compelling collage.

(laughs) Yes, sure. When I was a business analyst, I got an award from my manager for being a dashavataram of RailsFactory!


16. What do you like to do in your free time? And would you like to share other proud achievements?

I love reading material on testing in my free time. I also like helping the HR team with company events, festivals or any celebrations. The team always approach me and ask my help and suggestions. They also ask my guidance on Orion, the company’s app for employees.  It motivates me and also helps me to stay creative. It’s also, in fact, one of the sweetest memories I have with RailsFactory.

I have won the title of ‘Mr. Sedin’ twice. I donned the getup of Michael Jackson at one of such events. I’ve got awards at the client locations too – two ‘best employee of the quarter’ and ‘extra miler’ awards, and one ‘best lead’ award.

I’m also involved in a lot of CSR activities like educational events, going to orphanages.


The employee of the QTR 1 & 2 Award


Best Team Award for Testing


Extra Miles Award

17. Have you ever represented RailsFactory at any stage?

Yes. I have participated in two testing conferences (Bug-Debug) in Madurai and Tidel Park, Chennai. In Madurai, our team also presented a topic.



18. How do you keep learning or stay abreast of the latest technology? Also, what advice would you like to give to future testers?

Potential entrants should be passionate about this work. A common perception is that testing is an underrated job as compared to development, which is not true. There are many things to learn; you can even code like you have Selenium for web app automation and APPIUM for mobile apps.

If you know basic Java and you can perform ‘n’ number of frameworks, you will get opportunities to lead a team or be an independent performer. If a product performs well, you can tell the whole world that you’ve tested it!

I’ve formulated 5Cs of software testing, which were posted on the RailsFactory blog and I also got an appreciation for that from Pradeep Soundararajan, Founder & CTO of Moolya Technologies.


Pradeep Soundararajan, Founder & CEO, Moolya Technologies

That was Arrvind for you – proud of his achievements and yet humble in his approach. His zest for life and work is just unshakeable. Keep watching this space until we come back next time with one of our other superstars.

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This interview has been edited for clarity.

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