Building Dreams, Shaping Futures: Sedin and Round Table India Unite for Mannivakkam Primary School

Our Compassion in Action

Sedin Technologies is immensely proud to have played a pivotal role in a transformative project, collaborating with Round Table India, to construct a new Six Classroom Block and Four Toilet Block at Mannivakkam Primary School. 

This project aims to provide a conducive learning environment for the young minds of Mannivakkam, enabling them to explore, learn, and grow to their fullest potential. 

With the shared vision of empowering education and enriching lives, Sedin and Round Table India have come together to create a lasting impact on the community.

As Sedin stands tall alongside its commitment of creating a safe and hygienic environment, we envision a future where every child's dream can take flight, and every classroom becomes a doorway to endless possibilities for the children of Mannivakkam and beyond.